Fireball Marketing 2013 – for musicians

In 2010-2011, I held two ten-week classes here in Mid-Coast Maine called “Fireball Marketing.” Both were packed full of small business owners who wanted to learn how to get more media attention, be more social media savvy, and grow their businesses.

That’s exactly what we did. And we did it through community-building. Fireball Marketing is based on the idea that a successful good or service is one which serves the community, and that building community is at the heart of what we *should* be doing. That should be obvious in the case of musicians, who need audiences, fans, and friends.

In 2013, we’ll bring back an intensive Fireball Marketing training over two full-day sessions, for twenty Maine musicians. Participants will create the format based on their needs – from touring logistics, CD production, branding, social media, and media relations, among others.

We’ll bring in local experts – nationally-known musicians, graphic designers, social media experts, and music promoters. And I’ll offer free individual consulting over a period of four weeks to all participants. Interested? Send an email to, and you’ll be first to know when the dates are announced.

The original announcement page is below:

In conjunction with RSU1 Adult Education, The Maine Women’s Business Center, and The Maine Small Business Development Center.

The excellent Times-Record article on the class is here. REGISTER HERE.

10-week class Wednesdays 7-9pm In Bath. Starts Jan. 19th, first class free!

Fireball Marketing is all about the hard skills to grow your small business or non-profit while using tools that save you time and energy.

The most successful marketers rise above the fray by listening, then determining how to be of service to their community – and that’s what we’ll do.

We’ll create and maintain a press database:
print, radio, TV, and online – that you’ll get to keep for your own business.

We’ll work social media; Twitter, Facebook, calendar aggregators, blogs, and RSS.
We’ll do graphic design for print and web; picture sizing and effective copywriting.
We’ll connect you to the best business resources available in Mid-coast Maine.

All for two hundred bucks.   Register here, or call or write for more information:
207 370 8764 •

From the last class:

“Yes, I’d recommend this class. Randall knows a great deal about marketing and social media. I leave the class more focused on what needs to be done for my business.”

“Randall is a wealth of information on many aspects of marketing and freely shares his knowledge both in and out of class.”

“Randall is one smart dude. We really appreciated his ability to use social media marketing techniques to market just about any kind of business.”

“Randall was able to teach skills, but also able to share his enthusiasm for social media and personal/business development.  His excitement for the field and the ideas of those coming to the group was contagious.  He makes social media fun.”

“One of the best things about the class was meeting and getting to know my fellow classmates. During the sessions we divided the work by areas of interest and shared results with each other. We covered more marketing territory using this method.”

“Wherever Randall goes, he leaves a lasting impression.  He knows a great deal about marketing and social media as well as how to apply them in several different marketing areas; whether you make art, clothes, sculptures, or work with youth, he knows how to target them.”

12 Responses to Fireball Marketing 2013 – for musicians

  1. Hello, I am interested in this course that you are holding. I am a graphic designer- just starting out in the freelance community and could use some direction. I am familiar with what you are offering and would very much like to put it to good use!

  2. See you Wednesday. Looking forward to it.
    I’m a glassblower and a cartoonist.

  3. Laurie St. pierre says:

    I like the idea of a workshop where we actually use the time to develop tangible products to go away with …like a media list. I am also interested in an espresso lesson in social media rather than a diluted cup trying to figure it out on my own. The best part is the divide and conquer, why duplicate effort if we can help each other out!

    • Laurie – sounds like a good plan 🙂 You’re very welcome in the class – looks like enough people want it who aren’t within striking distance. I’m probably going to offer “Fireball Remote” for those folks. For $100, they’ll get:

      – Streaming video of the class each Wednesday night 7-9
      – A weekly email with individual tasks to do, and the notes from the class (the notes are public)
      – They’ll do those tasks and send questions back by email before Wednesday
      – A half/hour followup consulting call with me on Wednesday

  4. I am interested in this – please send more info.

    Thank you!

  5. John Bliss says:

    Really interested in what you’ve started. I have a couple of thoughts about growing it, if you are so inclined, to talk about that possibility. I’m in Bath.

    • John – bring it on, sounds exciting. Your website looks great. Give me 48 hours to regroup (full load today and tomorrow, just got back from overseas) and let’s talk before the end of the week?



  6. Janet Nannen says:

    Having just launched my website two days ago, I, of course, had to “Google” it to see if it really exists out there in cyberspace. Viola ! one of the early citations is on your Fireball Marketing–Bath site. Thank you so much for the exposure. The information and skills that Howard and Kyle learned in your class were of great value in creating the site for Harpswell Silks. We always are open to your ideas and comments for improvement. Your Fireball Marketing, Randall, is indeed “a whole new thing,” and makes possible a whole new thing for people you’ve helped.

  7. Pat Murawski says:

    So enjoyed your beautiful music in Bay City, Mi. Hope Midland Center for the arts will be able to book you in the near future….Thanks for being a warm fuzzy ….Shalom

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