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The skizzy

fireball marketing is:

contemporary integrated better-practice community building.

Used to be, marketers had a product to sell, and tried to get people to buy it.

Everybody was shouting, “BUY MY WIDGET!” “BEST WIDGET AROUND!” They paid for focus groups in the most appropriate cities, took out television commercials in the finest media markets, ordered their ad agencies to conceive glossy magazine spreads, plastered the highways with billboards, and then took to sending direct mail, email, internet banner ads and lots more yadayadayada. Continue reading

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a video.

Here’s a short overview video I made for you about the class, the whys and wherefores. Continue reading

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Fireball Marketing: background

Technology is bringing rapid change – and with it, new sets of rules. This course is based on several assumptions: – Income models are changing rapidly, and therefore so must relationships. Companies just aren’t making money the same way they … Continue reading

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