Marketing Plans – resources

A marketing plan is great – it’s a piece of your overall strategy. In the old days, it was a big fat deal. Now it’s still a big fat deal, but it doesn’t necessarily need to be formal and stuffy. It DOES need to be clear, decisive, and you need to be able to follow it.

You can steer the ship wherever you want to go, but without a map, you won’t go in the right direction. A solid, real plan helps you go faster and truer to your course.

Below are some useful links re: making a successful marketing plan – we’ll use these in class on Wednesday Sept. 22nd. Plan is to look at the Mind Map outline, then get a presentation from Harriet about Five Rivers. We’ll then break into groups to fill in the blanks, each group takes one part. The groups will present to everybody, then we’ll look at the things we may have missed together.

Here’s a GREAT image from the Mind Map people

Marketing MO

And here’s Naomi. She’s important. Read this one.

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