Fireball Remote: full!

I swear I’m going to work myself to death on Wednesdays.

Last Fall, I offered free consulting to the members of the class – as many hours as they wanted, scheduled whenever. Okay, scheduled between my many trips around the planet. But still – it brought the profit margin down ridiculously low.

And I LOVED it. I loved working one-on-one with folks, helping them make the next big decisions – for some people, those were small steps, like learning how to import contacts into a database and rank the contacts so that people who didn’t sign up the first day weren’t lost. For another person, it was helping them make an acquisition plan for a huge business and get the jump on the competition. I loved it.

This new plan is just dumb, though I’m going to do it anyway. Fireball Remote. half a dozen people have already asked if they could audit the class by video, or somehow participate, although they’re on the other side of the state.

So here’s the deal – Fireball Remote students get:

– Streaming video of the class each Wednesday night 7-9
– A weekly email with individual tasks to do, and the notes from the class
– They’ll do those tasks and send questions back by email before Wednesday
– A half/hour followup consulting call with me on Wednesday

All for a hundred bucks. Like I said, it’s dumb. I’m normally $80/hr for consulting, and here I’m going to do at least five hours per person for just a little more. But I love this stuff. I love helping folks become entrepreneurs, and helping entrepreneurs grow. I love helping folks live their dreams rather than submit their best resumes for the bevy of $12/hr jobs that Maine offers.

This offer will be open to five people (Maine residents only, please.) Six have already asked, two folks are signed up already, and there are still four or five from last Fall who’d asked then. So it’ll probably fill up. Any questions, write me: – or gimme a call: 207 370 8764.

If you’re game, click here to register and pay for the remote class. NOTE – the remote option for Winter 2011 is full up. See you another time!

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