Fireball tonight: Gretchen Henn, Databases, and *one* little task.


You don’t want to miss Gretchen Henn tonight. She’s one of the sharpest tacks around, a CEI business advisor and business consultant.

You also really want to bring my books back. If I loaned you a book, please bring it back tonight.

Tonight begins a two-part series on database management and customer relationships. If you’re not already using a good database for your business, these two classes will be worth every bit of the time and money you’ve put into class so far.

I use Indie Band Manager. It’s built for touring musicians, but it’s cheap and does a great job of managing my product inventory, press and fan databases, doing my mailings, tracking my hours, sending invoices and tracking payments. It also provides a complete expense and profit report for the year – VERY worth it. Plus, it’s a FileMaker platform. if you don’t love the interface, the data can export to anywhere. It’s cheaper and easier than anything else I’ve seen out there, including

YOUR MISSION, should you choose to accept it: if you don’t have a working database, start by downloading this free trial:

Bring it on your laptop if you can, otherwise we’ll try to install ’em on the class computers and see how that works out.

Tonight I’ll show you around the database, then Gretchen will speak about customer resource management and the resources she has to offer through CEI and her business network. Next week, Charlie Cheney will join us by video conference – Charlie is the creator of Indie Band Manager, he’s a programmer who does really cool stuff including the screen-vacuum program I was blathering about last week.

Oh, and remind me to tell you about how my new iPhone paid for itself.

See yous tonight,


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