Gretchen Henn notes March 9th

Gretchen Henn

for info on – looooots of resources.– different orgs post workshops and events there.

DB most important is that you’re comfortable with it. if not, you won’t use it.

as long as your system works, I won’t knock it…

who do you need to communicate with?
how often do they need to hear from you?
what do they need from you?

One way to track is a DB tool – so you can let it go, let the computer do the work.

Quickbooks also has vendor and customer file. QB specific to finances. those have customers and vendors related to ‘em. You can populate QB w XL file.

You can add fields, but you can’t really search it well.

QB also has to dos and reminders, new version yearly and online version.

Portland workshop Apr. 7 Better Biz Bookkeeping

Biz. Development Services – Gretchen provides training and counseling. CEI also lends. GH helps folks find funding alternatives.

Both women’s Biz center and Small biz development center SBA funded.


4 biz counselors in the WBC (open to women and men!), online workshops, in-person, counselling 1-on-1 for a small fee.

anybody needing funding? loans, targeted grants… tech-based grants Maine Technology Institute (Sue’s on their board!)

Rural development money, little from Maine Arts Comission, etc.

Notes from Gretchen’s talk to the previous class:

Biggest trick is to look for what people need – you’re providing the solution to their problem.

IRS free webinar on small business taxes coming up. State of Maine site also has lots of resources.

how to find the right blog partners for advertising. Sole Proprietors – find themselves doing so much more than the thing they want to do – find the right tool to take it over.

press releases, event publicity

What DBs are you using?
Terri: top producer real estate DB 32$ monthly
Ryan: Quick Books w/ contact mgmt/Constant Contact

Mobile DB management.
voice notes?
iPhone/PC –

How to find business partners?

where are your clients? do you know who, why are they perfect to you? what orgs are they already members of? cluster your efforts…

description of perfect customer is for your message as much as knowing where to advertise.

QB won’t let you inventory.

Constant Contact = good.
also has surveys., too!

Mark: hard to name a perfect customer. But hip!

Google Places advertisements:

Gretchen can do Ring study, industry stats, by proximity… also consumer spending profile databases…

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