Fireball – last class Wednesday

Hi gang,

It’s really been fun, and I hope you’ve enjoyed our time together and found it useful and worthwhile. six people (of nineteen!!) have filled out the three-minute questionnaire that I sent you last week. If you haven’t, would you please take just three minutes right now?

Wednesday we’ll look at using mass-mailing programs (think Constant Contact) to keep in touch with folks, and the whys and wherefores of that. If you’re going to charge ahead with sending mailings from your database (maybe Indie Band Manager?) Then bring it so you can learn how to do that. If you don’t already use some kind of contact platform, then you may want to sign up for a free Constant Contact trial:

See you Wednesday – and hope to talk with some of you before class,


PS: This article about retail renegades is interesting. The case studies it mentions are pretty large-scale, but the spirit of the examples is telling.

PPS: There’s some feedback in the comments from folks who wanted more specific hands-on time to work on their specific issues. If you’re feeling this way, I really hope you call during one of the open consulting times on Wednesday. Very few people took me up on the free hours of consulting. I’d love to know how I could have made it easier for everybody.

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