Fireball: thanks again…


Meeting you all and getting a window into your businesses was really a great thing. Please remember that this active, thoughtful work with your communities is the best kind of work, and that it’s hard, by definition. You are the ones who made the decision to keep at it, to dig in rather than wish that you were more savvy about something. Many of you made new friends who can help you on this road.

Some of you have scrapped plan A and are now moving on, some of you are ramping up capacity on your current projects, and branching out to new things. This flexible, gentle approach to creating work is a new model, far from what our parents did or thought they could – and that’s a good thing. Our kids will create even cooler models of work, even deeper integration:

And so it goes. We’re evolving slowly into this new model, this integrated understanding of how we create. And you’re leading the way. Good on yas.

Please keep in touch. I’d love to watch with you as your businesses grow and I’d love to hear your success stories.



PS: Very sorry about the video stream tonight, ustreams servers were down.

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Pilot. Sailor. Once musician.
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